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How to set up a file for laser cutting & engraving

Getting Started

To laser cut your file you need to supply us with a vector graphic file, as it is the only format that the laser cutter can read.   Vector files are different from non-vector files in that they are not made up of lots of little pixels, such as a digital photo from your camera. (Look below for more information on converting non-vector files into vector files & engraving digital photos)

Checklist for setting up your vector graphic file for laser cutting &


The vector file has to be set up with RGB colours (not CMYK) Cut line set to be a RGB Yellow stroke (no fill) with hairline or 0.001pt width(depends on software you are using). To score/etch(not completely cut through the material) set line up same as cutting except make it RGB Red stroke with hairline or 0.001pt width If you want an area or line to be engraved make it RGB Black Save as CDR(CorelDraw file), AI(Adobe Illustrator file), EPS, SVG, DXF or PDF file Setup at 100% of size it needs to cut The size of the laser cutting bed is 60cm x 45cm but the maximum size we can cut is 59.5cm x 44.5cm
File Setup
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